Products & Gift from our Wonderful Community


Inspiring Gifts

Please contact us for information on how to have a closer look at our products. All available from our room in the Raylor Centre.

Call 01904 927157 or email


Unreasonable Risk £10

Somebody i Used to Know by Wendy Mitchell £16.99

The Price of Time by C.L. Spillard £7.99

A Gentle Hug for the Soul by Lindsay Banks £7.99.

The Evening Lands by C.L. Spillard £10.99



Prices from £5 – £30.

Malachite, clear crystal and amethyst bracelets and necklaces, bioflow magnetic bracelet and amethyst crystal chunks.

Salt Lamp


Flower Essence

Your own personal flower essence, for emotional and mental wellbeing. Posted to you for £10, to collect £5.

Skin-friendly, non – toxic hand rub (full size and minis) and antimicrobial spray for cleaning safely

Contact: June Tranmer: to discuss.

Capture Energy Clothing

Designed with Love & Spirit

Energy surrounds us, our role as energy practitioners is to harness positive vibrations for the teaching and healing of others. Capture Energy Clothing produces sustainable and thought provoking clothing, specifically for people working with passion and their spirituality.


Our inks provide a wider colour gamut, making prints brighter and more vibrant. They carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification and are also CPSIA compliant to ensure they are safe for printing.


Our clothing carries the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate, all products are free from dangerous substances and chemicals. Our supplier is also a member of the The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).